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Saturday, November 28, 2015

V-Ray Showreel 2015

A showcase of the amazing talent that we are fortunate to work with. Share/Bookmark

SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 - Emerging Technologies Trailer

This is the preview trailer of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Emerging Technologies program.

This year, the Emerging Technologies program presents a broad scope of topics, reflecting the innovation of interactive technologies and a maturation of the field as it expands to include interactive visualization and other graphics-related technologies. Be fascinated by hands-on demonstrations that expand the limits of current display technologies, and exciting new hardware that enable sophisticated and nuanced user input, innovative interaction techniques that enable more complex interaction with application data and functionality, as well as excellent examples of haptics developed to support multi-/cross-modality scenarios. Share/Bookmark

SIGGRAPH 2015 - Emerging Technologies

SIGGRAPH 2015 Emerging Technologies Chair Kristy Pron describes this year’s program. Play with the latest interactive and graphics technologies before they transform the way we live and work. Emerging Technologies presents demonstrations of research from several fields, including displays, input devices, collaborative environments, and robotics. Share/Bookmark

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Autodesk Siggraph 2011 Animation Show Reel

In this video see a compilation of some of the best animation material submitted to Autodesk this year using 3ds Max, Maya and Softimage. Share/Bookmark